Sushi Buffet Catering Price Option

NB: All Options include ingredients . but not including salmon or Tuna sashimi in option

Price per person?

Petrol Prices

The following prices are for sessions where we come to you:

Pretoria & JohannesburgR300
** Gauteng province only
What is Included In The Ingredients?
1-Sushi rice, 2-Vinegar, 3-Sugar, 4-Salt, 5-Sushi mat, 6-Wrap, 7-Sesame seeds, 8-Crab stick, 9-Seaweed, 10-Cucumber, 11-Avocado, 12-Mayonnise, 13-Soya sauce, 14-Ginger, 15-Wasabi, 16-Chopsticks

Extra Options

Do you need hire sushi display fridge?R600
Do you need chicken or veg spring roll for starter?R10 each
Do you need tempura prawn for starter?R25 each
Do you need hire sushi plates and soya sauce bowls?R10 per set
Do you need pork or beef dumplings?R10 each
Do you need chicken wings?R10 each

Extra Sashimi Salmon or Tuna

Extra FishSmall PackageMedium PackageLarge PackageFull Package (whole fish)
SalmonR500R1 000R1 500R2 000
TunaR500R1 000R1 500R2 000

Hire Our Sushi Fridge

Hire our sushi fridge as an optional extra. A nice idea to make your sushi bar look fantastic. Only cost R600.

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